Friday, October 1, 2010

Fortune Teller Hunt Hints

If a hint is out of date or a slurl is not working correctly or you have any other issues please contact Rox Arten via notecard in Second Life so that I can look into the issues and get them corrected as soon as possible.

NOTE: Rox is out of world temporarily due to a major system failure with her computer. I am able to log in with a non graphical client however, can not respond to notecards or do much more then get updates for the blog etc. Please send IM's if a response is needed quickly (they go to email and i can respond even if they cap)

.If you can't click the blog links and get the slurl to take you there you can click the link and copy the URL from the next page (map) which is the slurl. (or right click and copy shortcut from this page) then paste it into your in world chat and click on it.

1. Your fortune is up in the air!
2. Hello my dear. I'm on my phone but wanted to get my hint in. Please see hint giver outside store for the current hint!
3. Hint Giver on Site
4. Hint Giver on Site
5. Your fortune can be found among the ice crystals.
6. I was watching the flower grow in the meadow, but I took so long I got crackled.
7. Go to the Bewitching Gypsy Girl to know your fortune (Kitty's clue) your fortune lies behind the luck of the irish.
8. Cat got your tongue?
9. Hint Giver on Site
10. 3 gifts . 1 your fortue is UP to the fire. the fire that burnd below show your fortune is either ahead(2) or behind you(3)
11. Sitting out in the open
12. Hint Giver on Site
13. "Alright kiddos it has been noted."
14. Your fortune lies with a roll in the hay.
15. the peguses hold your fortune .
16. Find The Games Find The Gift !
17. Hint Giver on Site
18. She's looks down coyly, then she looks at him, smiles, and bats hers at him.
19. your fortune is set in a hud
20. Hint Giver on Site
21. "Lots of NEW releases are predicted in the near future"
22. When trying to figure out your fortune dont CROSS the line!
24. Hint Giver on Site
25. You need to "check out" your good fortune.
26. HInt giver on site
27. Hint Giver on Site
28. Hint Giver on Site
29. Seek right ,then left ,your fotune may floor you .
30. Lilies point to your fortune.
31. It can tell my future
32. your fortune you can "check Out " when you find me .
33. What an odd cart
34. your fortune is ROCKING.
35. If you want to be a fortune teller..drink a cup of tee first
36. [UPDATED]Drop us a Note for your good fortune.
37. These boots are made for walking ...even in Viewer 2
38. Hint Giver on site
39. Hint Giver on site
40. There is but one woman in this place who can read me, find her in her caravan and you will see me close.
41. Please don't stop the music
42. If you find you "fortune" tell me .
43. There's a gnome in my garden!!!
44. be careful asking Alice to deal your fortune.
45. Don't trip on the stairs trying to find!
46. Good fortune came to those that can afford golden fireplaces!
47. watch your steps,or your fortune may trip you up
48. astrology in the skies
49. Shed some light on your future.
50. the best things await you at the top :) why don't you do your own free reading - i foresee you will find exactly what you are looking for!
51. I hear they do some fortune-telling in Casablanca.
52. Dropped proceed to next location.
53. Hint giver at landing.
54. Hint giver on wall near landing.
55. If you go up to 3 to find me,don't be sly about it.
56. The hunt item rests on diamonds.

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